Marigold Sunshine

Here it comes: when the sun looks bright but its warmth is tenuous, a marigold to stand in for heat during the early, somewhat deceptive days of autumn. DSC03590

A lot of intense weather days & nights ended summer with the tempest for those of us in the Denver metro area and across Colorado, when it seemed the rain would never stop. So many homes damaged or destroyed, and yet so many people living through it with courage, helping and being helped by friends, neighbors, & strangers. After the floods, some classic rainbow action; a lot of damage assessment. Whole towns missing. Roads will take years to rebuild. The response has been a testimony to the strength we don’t always feel, but which comes through when it’s needed most. Thank you, everyone, for your greatness of heart, determination, and unwillingness to throw in the sponge. Proud to be a part of this community.

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