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Fields Around (the former) Headfarm

Helmut Salzinger: A(n Informal) Retrospective happened at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe last Thursday evening, and a splendid time was had by all. The photo & broadside exhibit, featuring photography from interviews and exploration in the Heidelberg, Bavaria, Hamburg, and lowland areas of Germany, will be up through October 16 (or so).

Salzinger’s Unmarked Grave

Please come in for a look, and sign the very interesting guestbook – you’re invited to add your comments & artistic/poetic response, contributing to a work-in-progress archive of the event & its viewers.

Helmut Salzinger: A (n informal) Retrospective

Join us Thursday evening, September 20, 7 pm at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe for a look at Germanist, critic, poet & philanthropist Helmut Salzinger (1935-1993), his life, work, & influence. The evening opens an exhibit that will feature photos, broadsides, a reading of Salzinger’s poetry, & talk.

Funded in part by a grant from the Boulder Arts Commission.


Helmut Salzinger: A Retrospective

Helmut Salzinger, Activist, Critic, Philanthropist, Publisher & Poet (1935-1993)

Salzinger’s critical theory work around the cultural revolution of the 60’s, his philanthropic activities & political activism, and his idiosyncratic voice, played an important role in literary arts in Germany. In his early career as a reviewer & music critic he wrote for the prestigious journal Die Zeit and for Die Süddeutsche Zeitung (The South Germany News). A selection of his articles for the German music journal Sounds written under the pseudonym Jonas Überohr, are collected in the volume Best of Jonas Überohr – Popcritik 1966-1982, published posthumously in 2011 (Philo Fine Arts) and his poetic and literary bibliography remains compelling and impressive.

In the early 80’s, after his stint as a reviewer at Die Zeit was terminated, he moved to a farmhouse in the moorland village of Odisheim on the North Sea. He named his home Head Farm, & after giving up on his initial idea of a commune there, lived more privately, exploring the surrounding natural environment, writing, and carrying on philanthropic activities to support the arts, and students, artists & writers.  He established the publishing house Headfarm Odisheim, and Head Farm became a gathering point for writers and thinkers. As well as books, Headfarm Odisheim published the literary magazine FALK, which appeared monthly for three years, 1986-1989, and was produced at Head Farm. A lifelong sufferer from diabetes, he died at his home in 1993.

Salzinger’s life is celebrated in the German Humus – Hommage á Helmut Salzinger (1996, Modick, Salzinger, Keller). However his work, largely not translated into English, has received little attention in the English-speaking world. With this documentary project Curmudgeonly Press hopes to bring more of Salzinger’s life and work to the English-speaking world.

The Retrospective will include three main components; a broadside and photo exhibit to take place at the Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe in Boulder, an opening event with live readings from Salzinger’s work, and an online interactive documentary. Additional readings and discussions will be held as well, time & place TBA.

Exhibit Opening
September 20, 2012
Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe

1203 13th Street Suite A
Boulder, CO 80302  Map

A selection of newly translated poems and excerpts from Salzinger’s essays, presented in broadside format, with photographs of Salzinger, his home and the eco-region that inspired much of his poetic work, friends, and colleagues, highlight images and writing representative of his work.

The exhibit opens with a reading of Salzinger’s poetry by exhibit author and translator Clara Burns.

Interactive Media Archive
The online component, built using Zeega (, an html5 platform for authoring interactive documentary work, will incorporate exhibition materials as well as recordings and photographs from the reading, experimenting in a new medium for documentary expression that will expand the reach and influence of the project.