Public or Private?

Here’s to going public on the internets: as pointed out to me quite recently, people only read online content if it’s of interest to them, for the most part – there’s enough out here to read such that we don’t have to bore ourselves. Of course, there are those who like to be provoked or provoking, and poke about to find things with which they disagree, but that could be interesting – that is, to have a response that really disagrees in a big way. Not a problem, as the saying goes.

So today’s thoughts are about to be no longer private. Perhaps someone will read them, & disagree . . . but only, of course, if I’ve done due diligence in my social networking, tagging, categorizing, & c., yes?

Reflections on Writing in Public

I tried to publish “In Praise of the Convoluted Style” on this blog – take a jump into risk, but I couldn’t do it; in the end, I designated the post “private.” It’s still there, but I’m the only one who can see it. I really have this fear of publishing stuff that later I’ll really not like. I don’t want to inflict junk on the world, and I also don’t want to be seen as inflicting junk on the world. What a coward I am! (This post, too is private).(of course).